Why your skateboard does't roll very well

Must read, if your skateboard does not roll far.

There are many components that make up a complete skateboard. There are many different manufacturers that make these parts and pieces. They are not all built with the same technology and the same love and passion for skateboarding.

There are many toy companies producing skateboards for cheap just to turn a profit. These skateboards are built with bad quality materials.

Since your reading this article. I assume you have a skateboard that you push push push, but it only rolls for a few seconds and stops.

Before you waste any money trying to fix the problem, let's rule a couple things out.

  1. Make sure that your axle nuts aren't screwed on too tightly. If you didn't assemble the skateboard yourself then you should check this. If the axle nuts are too tight you could be squeezing the life out of your bearings and causing unwanted friction between the two parts. Loosen them up to allow for just a little wiggle room. Also, make sure they aren't too loose. Use the 1/16 - 1/8 in. method.
  2. Don't be insulted! Make sure that you are skateboarding on the appropriate asphalt. Noone is going to roll very far in grass (generally).
  3. Tighten your trucks! If your trucks are too loose you could be getting some hefty wheel bite. Look for little elliptical shaped marks on the bottom face of the deck, directly above the wheels.

What makes my skateboard stop rolling so quickly?

The first culprit we should look at are the wheels. Bad quality wheels are made way to soft. This causes a certain amount of squishing to the wheels once you stand on the skateboard and put pressure on the wheels.

How can you tell if your skateboard wheels are bad?

The best test to quickly find out if your wheels are causing you to stop rolling is to push the board and let it roll without you standing on it. If the board rolls fine, and for longer than when you are standing on it, you have bad wheels.

I need new wheels. I don't have much money!

Don't worry your little wheel shaped brain about it. I have been skateboarding on a budget for a very long time. Here are some game changing, pro quality wheels, for little cash.

My wheels are good but my skateboard still doesn't roll far!

The second component that could be causing your skateboard to not roll are the bearing. Just like all the other parts of a skateboard, there are companies that actually put care and passion into their products, and there are those that just make them as cheap as possible

Bad quality bearing can certainly slow you to a stop. Maybe the bearing are just very old, or worse, they were left in the rain!

Here are some links to some bearings sets that will have you rolling longer and further.

My wheels and bearings are good but my skateboard doesn't roll when I stand on it.

Honestly, by now your problem should be solved, but just in-case you are still suffering from a lack of resting time on you skateboard, let's check the trucks for bad bushings.

If you followed my advice from the start then you have already tried tightening the kingpin to reduce wheel bite. If the bushings are bad quality chances are they just squished in on you. This would cause more wheel bite when trying to turn.

How can I tell if my bushings are bad?

When you lean to turn on your board you know you have bad bushings if your board effortlessly leans in the direction your trying to turn. You should feel some resistance which makes for a smoother ride. The resistance is from the bushings. This works like the cartilage in your joints.

Here are some fresh new bushings that will solve this problem.

I have tried everything but my board still doesn't work as it should.

Last thing to do is replace the entire bottom assembly. Trucks, bearings, and wheels.

Here are some affordable yet pro quality sets you will be proud to ride on.


If you have a non pro quality skateboard deck, the holes for the hardware are not set to the standard distance.

The holes in new trucks will not match up with the ones on your board.

You are better off buying a new skateboard!


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