Learn to Skateboard

(How to get started in skateboarding)

This is a photo of a man doing an Heelflip on a skateboard

Skateboarding is a fascinating subculture that is shared by people all over the world. Learning to skateboard was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was an easy way for me to make lifelong friends and share unique experiences that can't be found or created any other way.

Skatebread.com was made so that I might be able to bring this feeling to life for others. So they can realize how much personal perseverance and hard work goes into skateboarding. To show even one other person, how constantly challenging and indescribably rewarding skateboarding can be.

Where do I start learning to skateboard?

The best place to start skateboarding is having one under your feet and riding it. The time you spend on the skateboard will pay off as you get more and more comfortable on the board. Other than spending time on the skateboard you should learn more about skateboarding. Most importantly, watching others skate. By watching others skateboard and surrounding yourself with skateboarding you are more likely to figure out what is possible on a skateboard. This is what skateboarders are constantly trying to do, innovate and create new possibilities by pushing themselves.

The absolute first place you need to start is by having a skateboard. The size of the skateboard will depend on the size of you! Check out our skateboard buying guide to make sure you get the correct size skateboard for you. Once you have learned about what size skateboard you need go to your local skate shop and let them know what sizes you need for your skateboard set up. If you don't have a local skate shop to visit, don't worry! There are many great online skate shops that can help you with a complete skateboard. Browsing these online shops is incredibly fun, just looking at all the different decks, wheels, shoes, and other skateboarding gear.

Here are a few online skate shops to get what you need to start skateboarding:

Why can't I just go get a skateboard from Wal-Mart? This is probably the worst decision you could make in your entire life. Wal-Mart skateboards are made of the cheapest possible materials. They don't even roll when you push on them. True skateboard trucks are made of high quality aluminum with a solid steel axle. Wal-Mart boards come with hard plastic trucks. Go stand on a Wal-mart skateboard and push once, on those smooth floors you should roll down an entire isle. But you actually wont roll at all.

What to learn after I get my skateboard?

This is where you need to just spend time on the board. Skateboard every day, it's really fun, so just go have fun on the board. Try pushing twice and get on and just roll until it stops. Then try tic-tac-ing while rolling.

What's a tic-tac on a skateboard?

Tic-tac on a skateboard is when you depress the tail and lift the nose and turn the board left and right multiple times. The name comes from the sound it makes when the wheels smack the surface of the concrete over and over. You can actually do this to propel yourself forward.

This is only one of many things you can learn to help you feel more comfortable riding. Or give you more of what we call board control.

What is board control?

This is literally the term that measures how good at skateboarding you are.

Board control is the most basic way of saying what it is that you will be working on for years to come.

When you learn to ollie, you gained more board control. When you get your kickflips down, again, you learned how to control your board better. Now you can control your skateboard so well that you can make it pop into the air, flip it over, and land back on it and keep riding. BOARD CONTROL!

After you feel comfortable riding around. Start trying things like, rolling off curbs, or running and jumping on the board. The coolest part about skateboarding is that thought goes into these tricks and maneuvers that skaters do. When I am learning a new trick, I find that I usually spend the time between when I lay down for bed and when I fall asleep just thinking about how to make the board flip that way. We're lucky for all of the innovators of skateboard tricks spent so much time and effort into pushing what some would have just considered impossible.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our other skateboarding articles for more in-depth information. When you are ready to start learning tricks, check out our skateboarding trick tips to help you figure it out quicker.


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