How to pop shuvit

This is a photo of a man doing an pop shuvit on a skateboard

The pop shuvit :
Are you ready for a pop shuvit? Have you got your ollies down? Well it doesn't matter!

If you ask me...(and you are) there are no prerequisite tricks for a pop shuvit. Perhaps the ollie can help but as long as you can pop the board you can potentially land the pop shuv.

Also I motion that the name of this trick be changed it's just too much. Instead of Pop Shuvit, just pop shuv would work. Then just say shuvit for the ground slider shuvs.

Before we get started learning this trick. Here are a few things about the pop shuv.

  1. This trick is all pop foot, the kick foot just get's out of the way.
  2. It is a perfect trick for a new skater to learn.
  3. Easy to understand
  4. Easily transferable to fakie, nollie, and switch.

Alright let's get into this one you should get this trick within an hour unless you are a total beginner in which case 2 hours.

Foot placement for a pop shuvit

Alright let's get into the standard foot placement here and we will move from there.

Now from regular stance move your kick-foot just behind the front bolts.

The Pop-shuvit does not have a strict requirement for foot placement. If you have learned to ollie then use the same foot placement as that.

Like I said, you don't have to know how to ollie to do a pop shuvit.

Just put your front foot on or just below the front bolts. All I ask is that you don't bring your feet to close together.

kick foot placement for learning to do an pop shuvit

Now move your pop foot into pop position.

Place the palm of your foot on the peek of your tail.

The motion for a pop shuvit

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Lets do a pop shuvit!

Step 1

Bend straight down keeping your shoulders inline with your skateboard.

I will always repeat this because it is important to get a good upward pop when your first learning how to skateboard.

Step 2

Begin to launch up with both feet but continue to launch with only your pop foot.

This is all in the pop as I said before.

Here are two things you will not do.

  1. You will not pop then try and spin it with your feet.
  2. You will not neglect to pop by just flinging the board.

When you pop add just a dash of scoop to the mix.

You will still pop straight down to get some upward momentum. At the last second of your pop there is just a little scoop to which ever direction you are attempting to shuvit.

After a few tries you might start to get the feel for how much scoop you need ot add. You may notice when your scooping too much if your skateboard over rotates. You may notice too little scoop if your board if only spinning holf of the rotation.

So just mess around with the scoop and see what you need to do there.

Step 3

After you have played around with the scoop of the board to get your pop shuvit rotation, now let's land this trick.

Just watch the rotation below you and snatch those bolts and roll away.

How to pop shuvit recap:

  • Get your footing.
  • Square up with the board.
  • Bend straight down.
  • Shoot your self straight back up.
  • Pop and scoop the tail
  • Stay loose and allow your skateboard to rotate and catch it.
  • Bolts and Roll away.

Why can't I pop shuvit?

If you are having trouble getting the pop shuvit to spin a full 180 degrees and underneath you. There is a good chance that you are thinking about spinning your body as well. Pay attention to your movements. You should be achieving this trick with out twisting your body.

Pop the board in the opposite direction that you want to try and spin it, but leave your feet where they are. The goal is to have the skateboard spin while you do not. So let your feet lift and wait for the spin.

Also as your learning new skateboard tricks, it can be greatly beneficial to just stop for a second and think about it. It can help to just envision the trick done properly. Just think about what would need to happen to the skateboard to cause it to spin 180 degrees on its Y axis. Now try it again, and it doesn't work then tweak your foot placement just a little.

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