How to Heelflip

This is a photo of a man doing an Heelflip on a skateboard

To do a heelflip on a skateboard, you'll need to have a solid ollie. Pop the tail and slide your heel or your pinky toe upward and outward along the length of the skateboard. Aim for the outter concave. Hitting it will cause the board to flip over.

The Heelflip :
This is a great trick for begginers to learn. It can even be the first trick you learn after the ollie. Most would think that first you learn to ollie then you have to learn to kickflip. That's just what most people do. If you want to learn to heel flip, it would be a good idea to be pretty comfortable with your ollies.

Such a good trick for a game of skate if you have somone who is around your level. With the heelflip added to your bag of tricks you can almost play a full game of skate, if you have your 180s and shuvit.

What is a heelflip?

A heel flip is produced when the skateboarder pops the board off the ground and uses his or her heel to flip the board 360 degrees on it's horizontal axis in the same direction the skater is facing.

Foot placement for a Heelflip

Alright let's get into the standard foot placement here and we will move from there.

Now from regular stance move your kick-foot just behind the front bolts.

Unlike the kick flip we are going to hang our toes off of the skateboard. Hang them just below the crease of the big toe. (Where the toe bends.)

heelflip foot placement heelflip foot placement

Now move your pop foot into pop position.

Place the palm of your foot on the peek of your tail.

heelflip foot position

The motion for a Heelflip

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Lets do a Heelflip!

Step 1

Bend straight down keeping your shoulders inline with your skateboard.

I will always repeat this because it is important to get a good upward pop when your first learning how to skateboard.

how to do a heelflip 2

Step 2

Begin to launch up with both feet but continue to launch with only your pop foot.

The Heelflip has the perfect name. It's name is litterally how it is done. so the outer face of your heel will be lunging toward the outer concave of the board.

So again pop straight upward and with a loose ankle, slide your heel both forward and outward.

how to heelflip 4 how to heelflip 5 how to heelflip 6

Step 3

I want to make you aware of something that your kick foot is doing while the board is flipping.

Look at my kick foot in the four images below. Well here is what it is not doing. It isn't kicking outward then on the same path coming back inward.
It is actually on a continuous motion. It's kicking outward and inward simultaneously and swings back on that same continued path back to the resting position to catch the board.

So your kick foot is like a rude airplane pilot. Flying you out for a quick look then circles around for home immediatly.

how to heelflip 7 how to heelflip 8

Step 4

After you catch the board the rest will happed to fast for you to care. Or even to take notice.

Allow your knees to bend as you return to earth so that the impact absorbed.

If you are'nt quite getting the flip then try letting more of your foot hang from the front of the board.

how to heelflip 9 how to heelflip 10 hot to heelflip 11 how to heelflip 12

How to Heelflip recap:

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