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Shawn Prosen smith stall on quarter pipe

Having your own ramps and rails can be greatly beneficial for your progress as a skateboarder. If you want to get better at airs and stalls then owning a quarter pipe is a great idea. Quarter pipes and other skateboard ramps can be pretty pricey and for a good reason.

You need to invest in quality when it comes to skateboard equipment. This includes your skateboard and the ramps you ride. If you’re going to foot the bill for a fresh new quarter pipe ramp then here is a list of 3 of the best quarter pipes you can buy, and where to buy them.

Just a heads up, I am not partnered with, or paid by any of the ramp manufactures for this article, or for any promotional consideration. They don't pay me at all. This article to help anyone who is ready to pay a few hundred dollars for a ramp, but wants to make sure it's worth it.

OC Ramps 3' wide X 2' tall Quarter Pipe

screenshot of oc ramps webpage offering a quarter pipe.

4 ft. wide option below

Were not saving the best for last with this article. This is the least costly quarter pipe ramp on the list. Everything that comes from OC Ramps is solid, and widely trusted by all skateboarders.

The ramp comes ready to be drilled together and can be skated immediately after assembly. No need to wait for any setting or drying unless you plan to paint it yourself. They also have the option to add “skate-paint” as a finish to the wood. This will ensure its longevity and it’s highly recommended, yet optional.

OC stands by their all of their builds, and they offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy. There really is no need to mention it because you won’t be disappointed by anything you get from OC. All the screws and metal components like the angle iron or coping are rust resistant by galvanized coating.

OC Quarter pipe PROS

  • Built to last
  • Trusted brand
  • Moveable (Hand slots for lifting)
  • Built in USA

OC Quarter pipe CONS

  • You have to pay extra for skate paint
  • You don't own one yet

Ramptech (Black) 2' quarterpipe - 2' ht x 4' wd x 4'

screenshot of ramptech webpage offering a quarter pipe.

Here is their 4 ft. wide option on amazon.

Ramptech has been with skateboarding longer then I have been alive. For years these ramps have been built for skaters by skaters. Years of innovation and lots of passion have gone into Ramptech ramps.

Their quarter pipes are built with strong, 100% weather proof design right out of the box. Ramptech is trusted among skateboarders from all over the world and all products are built in the USA. Mike Mapp founded this company with passion and it’s still burning hot.

Ramptech Quarter pipe PROS

  • 100% weather proof
  • Shipping included
  • Since 1986
  • Light Weight but strong
  • Easy to move

Ramptech Quarter pipe CONS

  • Second to most expensive
  • Not a solid wood build (preference)

3. Keen Ramps 2' X 4' Quarter Pipe

screenshot of keen ramps webpage offering a quarter pipe.

You can tell by Keen Ramps About page that these ramps come from a passion that we all share. It says that Cory Keen used to gather scrap wood and make whatever he could. He grew up to make whatever he wanted, he wanted to build skateboard ramps.

This is the most expensive quarter pipe on our list. They offer something the others do not. Right on the page they provide a huge list of (actually) relevant features so you know everything your paying for. They offer a few extras to choose from like rolling wheels for ease of mobility.

Here is their 4 ft. wide option on amazon.

Keen Ramps Quarter pipe PROS

  • Top of the line materials used
  • Lots of options
  • Built in USA
  • Skater founded

Ramptech Quarter pipe CONS

  • Most expensive on the list

You can't go wrong choosing any of the three ramp manufacturers for your quarter pipe. But at least you can order with total confidence. Thanks for reading! Be Sure to check out our related topics and products.


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