3 useful apps for skateboarders

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We all know that having a phone is really helpful. Younger generations don't even know life without a phone. But for us skateboarders how can we make sure to maximize our phones potential for our favorite thing, SKATEBOARDING!

After looking at all the other articles about mobile apps for skateboarders. I downloaded many of them and gave them a solid try. I can't see how they help a skateboarder. Not only that, but most of the trick tip apps have the names of the tricks wrong.

New skater kids are already nervous to go to the skatepark or skate spot. Now they are learning the wrong trick names. Of my list of mobile apps only one is solely about skateboarding.


Instagram took a while to make it onto my phone. I'm in my 30s and I don't pay much attention to facebook. I didn't care too much for the thought of having a second facebook on my phone. OLD GUY MOMENT! Instagram becomes what you make of it. Depending on what you decide to follow.

We only follow skateboarding related accounts and tags with our account at skate.bread. I am slammed in the face with amazing skateboarding tricks and daily posts from pros and beginners alike. I see now why people can get lost scrolling for an hour.

People are killing out their on the skateboard and instagram let's all share it.

Why do skateboarders need instagram?

It's filled with people of all skill levels just trying to progress their skateboarding. So much inspiration to see someones first hardflip or follow the hashtag of the trick your trick to learn to stay inspired to stick it.

Must follow instagram accounts for skateboarders

Easiest way to start getting the sickest content on your instagram feed is to follow your favorite pros. And follow the hashtags from skateboarding. And follow all your favorite skate companies.

  1. Skate.bread - show some love ya'll
  2. Marcjohnson - MJ just aways one of my favorite pros great follow.
  3. Chrisjoslin_ - Chris Joslin is one of the greatest skateboarders. His posts will leave your jaw on the ground so much inspiration here.
  4. Sls (street league skateboarding) - So much fun to watch the pros of street skating go head to head with their best.
  5. Inspiration Skateboards - This is a skateboard company based out of, but not limited to, Texas. You can see by the logo that their designs come from a passion for skateboarding and art alike. All cuts are Canadian maple. They have multiple shapes and will help figure out what is best for your style. Great place to get pro quality, at price that doesnt make you cringe. Top notch skate gear for sure!
  6. Any of your favorite skate companies

Don't just follow everything instagram throws at you as a suggestion it's not alway relevant and it can slide gaps in between your desire to watch people skateboard.

Own the spot app

Own the spot app for skaters logo

This is the second app on my list of three but it's no less important than the first. This app is amazing. It's like google maps for skate spots.

The more we get people using this app the better it will be. I have already started adding any spot that I come across. Can you imagine taking a skate trip and using this thing as your guide.

What's so cool about own the spot app?

You can upload photos of and the exact mapped out location for any local skate spot. Doesn't have to just be a photo of the spot either. You can use a photo of you skating the spot. Just make sure we can see what it really is.

Own the spot app has categories programmed into it for the types of skate spots, and icons to match the type of spot. This way you can see on the map what type spot it is and where at.

The only thing it takes for something like this to take off and be helpful for the whole world is users. If you only download one app from this article, this would be the one I would suggest. The more of us using it the more the hidden spots don't go unskated.

What's else does OTS (own the spot) offer?

They have a chat community the offer through the discord app. It's not mandatory but it was a great idea on their part to keep everyone connected. They certainly worked hard on this awesome app and it's growing. You can help it grow by adding your local spots.

How do I add a spot on OTS app?

It's super easy and you don't even have to be at the spot to add it. As long as you already have a photo of the spot.

  1. Open the Own the Spot app
  2. On the bottom left click the google target icon to find your current location
  3. On the bottom right hit the + icon in the orange circle
  4. Choose the type of spot your adding
  5. Select gallery icon or if your taking a new photo chose the camera icon
  6. Add the photo of the spot
  7. Now here is the cool part, drag the cursor to the location of the skate spot and give it a name!

Don't forget to rate the app.


If you need a quick trick tip youtube is king. Obviously if you are struggling with a new trick for a couple days now, see if we offer it on skatebread.com. But a quick refresher from youtube is the best place to learn the secret to a trick.

Youtube's content is so vast that your needs will certainly be met no matter what kind of skate question you have. If for some reason it's not then holler at us at skatebread and we will write about it and help you find the answer you are looking for.

I love the sound of my skateboard rolling and the crisp pop it makes when snapping the nose or the tail just as much as any skateboarder does. I also love listening to some daft punk, fat pat, or big business when I'm skateboarding.

Youtube saves my favorite stuff and I can just open the app turn on my bluetooth headphones and zone in. A kickflip feels 10x more amazing when your jamming your favorite tunes.

The best three apps for a skater

  1. Instagram
  2. Own the Spot
  3. Youtube

Thanks for reading and be sure to give us a follow and subscribe to our new youtube channel.

Did we miss your favortite app? Contact us and we will see if it belongs on our list.


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